The 308 stereo and alarm install ...

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This is pretty early in the game, not too scary (yet)



Here is where it started to get interesting



Not quite a Saturday afternoon project



Hard to see here, but this an aftermarket power door lock actuator installed in the factory

location using the original linkage arm




The component Tweeters



The modified Speaker Grill ... Looks factory doesn't it?



The Auxiliary Fuse Box for the Stereo and Alarm Components



The Fuse for the Amp, and main fuse for the all the alarm components (the latter is probably overkill)



The Amp installed in the trunk ... Note the two cooling fans on the left



The 1.0 Farad Power Capacitor hidden behind a trim panel (removed) in the trunk



The Empeg Head Unit installed in the dash ... one of the best pieces of electronic gear I have ever purchased