The story of where and how I wound up owning a Ferrari


The funny thing is I wasnít really looking for a Ferrari at the time. I had just sold my Alfa Spider, and was trying to sell my 2002 without much luck. I was actually considering ordering either a new Boxster or an M Roadster, when I saw an ad in the auto hunter for this one owner black/black 308QV about 3 Ĺ hours from where I live. 

Thought about it for a day or two and called, the thing is, had the car been red (or probably any other color) I would not have called. I always had the idea that I would buy a Ferrari someday, and knew that if I did I did not want a red one. After all every one has a red Ferrari.

It was being sold by an independent used car dealer (more on this in a moment) whose ad stated something like Ďalways looking for interesting used carsí. I asked what was wrong with it, and he stated nothing. Ok, how many times have we heard that before. I also asked if he would be interested in a 2002 as a trade. He didnít say no, but wasnít overly enthusiastic either.

So I drove up to look at it. There was nothing wrong with it, other than a little waviness in the bodywork (Iím now convinced that the whole car has been painted, although he swore that there was not any bodywork done) and some very minor wear on the drivers seat.

In order to buy it I had to make the 2002 go away. Less of a money issue as I wound up taking less than half of what I had in it, and more of a space issue. Couldnít bring another car home without making one go away.

Well the short of it is that this guy had a friend with a BMW shop (Concord Motorsport) nearby who liked the car so a deal was made.

Now, remember I mentioned that this guy was an independent used car dealer? Well when I got there I discovered that this was one of those oneguywithacellphoneinawarehouse kinda places, behind a beauty parlor, and no signs. I did all the things that you are not supposed to do when buying a Ferrari, but got lucky and in the end has it has been a pretty good car so far. I didnít know about the Ferrari list at the time, did not have the car looked at by anyone (although I felt that this was not really necessary as I had been in the auto repair business for some years), and probably paid a bit too much. But it was a clean car in the color combo that I wanted, and it and I were there at the same time.

Had I passed it up, who knows if I would have been able to find another one that was that nice.

So that is pretty much the story behind the car and how I got it. Hope this wasnít more than you wanted to know?

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